I Appreciate Living Here Because I Have So Many Things to Choose from

When my friends in other states complain about how they only get to choose from one local utilities provider, I like to show them the site at that we use here to choose from many different providers. It makes all my friends envious because there is no monopoly on who I can use here. It’s nice because it gives me power to save money. I really appreciate that there isn’t just one company here to give services from because friends have told me that most states don’t offer that. I’m not sure why that is because it seems that it would be best for every state to allow different companies to move in to spur more competion.

A lot of people like to move here becaues it’s such a large state with lots of options. Lots of different businesses are also moving here, which means that more jobs are available. Our own Governor even traveled to other states and asked more tech businesses to come here and gave them incentives to do so. Someone might think this is because we are desperate, but that’s not the case. Our state is doing very well financially, but by bringing in even more bright people who work in the tech industry, it helps to make us even stronger than we are. It worked, too! People and businesses are coming here in droves. We have lots of service providers such as utility companies that have opened, too.

When I first moved here many decades ago, the only way that you can really talk to a company is to give them a phone call. There was no way to email the company, and they didn’t have websites back then. All of our energy providers now have sites that customers can visit and leave feedback about the products they want. People can even leave comments on local media sites to share info about the companies they see written about and mention things the customers want. I love that we have a voice now, and so many companies here are listening to us.

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